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Copyright shall mean an exclusive right for an Author or the recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his Work or to grant permission for said purposes, without decreasing the limits according to the prevailing laws and regulations.

Author shall mean a person or several persons jointly upon whose inspiration a Work is produced, based on the intellectual ability, imagination, dexterity, skill or expertise manifested in a distinctive form and is of a personal nature.

Work shall mean any result of works of an Author, which shows originality in the field of science, arts and literature.

Copyright Holder:
Copyright Holder shall mean the Author as the Owner of the Copyright, or any person who receives the right from the Author, or any other person who subsequently receives the right from the aforesaid person.

* Power of Attorney (not legalized)
* Statement on Ownership of the Copyright
* 15 prints of specimen of work

Power Of Attorney

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Statement On Ownership Of The Copyright

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