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INDUSTRIAL DESIGN means a creation of shape, configuration or composition of pattern or color, or combination
of pattern and color in three dimensional form, which contains esthetic value and can be shaped into three dimensional or two-dimensional pattern and can be used for producing a goods product or industrial commodity and handicraft.


A. Industrial Design Right coverage:
(1) Industrial Design right is given to a new design.
(2) Industrial Design is deemed new if the data of receipt of the said design distinguish it from the prior creation.
(3) The prior creation, as referred to in the point (2) is the creation that precedes:
a. Date of Receipt
b. Date of priority if the application filed with the right of priority has been published or used in Indonesia
   or outside Indonesia.
B. Designs Excluded from registration
Designs are excluded from registration if Industrial Design are contrary to the Laws, public order, religion or morality.

The protection for registration of Industrial Design shall be valid for 10 (ten) years as of the filing date.

Industrial Design can only be filed for one application and registration of Industrial Design, or several
industrial design which constitutes one unit of industrial designs same class.

An application claiming the convention priority mush be filed within 6 (six) months as of the receipt date for
the first time in member country of the Paris convention or the Word Trade Organization.

Where the Industrial design application complies with all the formal requirements, the Registrar will publish it in Official Gazette for Industrial Design, for period of three months as of the date of receipt.

Since its publication, any party may file a written opposition or objection with respect to the substantive matters. The opposition must be filed at least 3 (three) months as of publication.

Application who has published an industrial design within 6 (six) months before the effective date of this Law
may file an application based on this law.
The said application must be filed at least 6 (six) since the date of its enforcement into law.


- Particulars of the application :
1. Full name and address
2. Nationality (be it a natural person) or detail or incorporation (be it legal entity).
- The full name, address and nationality of the designer (s)
- Formal drawings or photographs )minimum size 10 x10 cm, maximum size 20 x 30 cm)
  and description of Industrial design (ten copies).
- A simply signed Power Attorney.
- A simply signed Declaration of Ownership
- On claiming a priority, certified copy of home application and its English translation.
- Where the application is not the designer(s), a statement explaining the application's right
   in respect of the design, e.g. employment, assuagement, etc.

Power Of Attorney

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Statement On Ownership Of The Industrial Design

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